No-Touch, Light-Touch, Energy Healing.

Naturally Effective Healing Method

The intention of this subtle, yet powerful, energy work is to create deep relaxation, speed healing, reduce pain, release stress and put the body, mind and emotions in a profound state of relaxation and ease.

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Somatic Therapy

Gentle Touch, Compassionate Dialogue

Our Issues Are In the Tissues

Utilizing a gentle non-manipulative touch and therapeutic dialogue, somatic therapy breaks down the story of our life experiences and examines the way our story impacts our body. Specifically, it works with the fight, flight, freeze mechanisms living in our nervous system. To heal, we need to listen to the body because it communicates in ways words never could. Your body has been your companion through all of life’s events. It composes in all of its muscles, nerves, and in every cell, the story of YOU. Your body is where your spirit and its wisdom lives.

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Trauma Tapping

Touch with Intention.

First Aid for Stress and Trauma.

A single session can release long kept emotionally charged memories of the past, whether they are consciously remembered, felt in the body as pain or discomfort, or an undefined unpleasant feeling in general. While tapping is traditionally performed by a practitioner, individuals can effectively learn to ‘self-tap.’ Particularly helpful for those with post- traumatic stress disorder.

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  • All services are performed on a massage table or sitting in a chair with client fully clothed.
  • Remote sessions are available.
  • Sessions are one hour in duration and cost $125.00.
  • A sliding scale is offered with consideration of financial circumstances.


“I found my somatic touch sessions with Christine to be a benefit to my health. It was a very grounding and relaxing practice. Christine’s warm and kind personality put me at ease on the table.” – Kim H.

“I felt really ready to listen to my body, surrender, and allow her to guide me to that place where I can listen to (and learn to trust the wisdom of my body.)” – Alysha P.

“Christine helped me find awareness in my body which was deeply nourishing. I left each session feeling calm and grounded, but also energized. I would highly recommend her work to anyone dealing with stress or nervous system conditions.” – Deanna N.

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