Naturally Effective Healing Method

The intention of this subtle, yet powerful, energy work is to create deep relaxation, speed healing, reduce pain, release stress and put the body, mind and emotions in a profound state of relaxation and ease.

Our Issues Are In the Tissues

Utilizing a gentle non-manipulative touch and therapeutic dialogue, somatic therapy breaks down the story of our life experiences and examines the way our story impacts our body. Specifically, it works with the fight, flight, freeze mechanisms living in our nervous system. To heal, we need to listen to the body because it communicates in ways words never could. Your body has been your companion through all of life’s events. It composes in all of its muscles, nerves, and in every cell, the story of YOU. Your body is where your spirit and its wisdom lives.

First Aid for Stress and Trauma.

A single session can release long kept emotionally charged memories of the past, whether they are consciously remembered, felt in the body as pain or discomfort, or an undefined unpleasant feeling in general. While tapping is traditionally performed by a practitioner, individuals can effectively learn to ‘self-tap.’ Particularly helpful for those with post- traumatic stress disorder.

The More You Know

  • All services are performed on a massage table or sitting in a chair with the client fully clothed.
  • Remote sessions are available.
  • Sessions are one hour in duration.
  • Service fees range from $90.00 to $125.00.
  • A sliding scale is offered with consideration of financial circumstances.

What We Do Together

In our sessions, we connect and explore together, taking a curious look at where you are today. We observe what is, what was, and how these experiences manifest in your life and body.

We go beyond mere observation, delving into the place that holds your entire life story with honest interpretation — the universe within your body.

Together, we breathe life into your ideas and dreams. We explore what is possible, allowing the source of your inner guidance to meet your potential.

  • We are collaborating with our minds.
  • Co-creating with the heart.
  • Connecting to the spirit that guides and informs us.

The process unfolds naturally, using tools like Reiki, somatic therapy, tapping, and your own inner talents. Grounded in science and the knowledge of the nervous system, we work to restore your optimal physical functioning, enabling movement and growth. We align with the ancient wisdom of the masters, who taught that we are more than matter and that we all “matter profoundly.”

I invite the wisdom surrounding us to provide solid ground, helping you find your inner space — your SOLID inner space.

Resting in the peace and harmony of your sanctuary, your body can relax and restore, allowing all systems to function without the burden of stress, anxiety, confusion, fear, and doubt. These emotions often arise from life’s transitions, relationship challenges, loss, and grief — all part of life’s journey.

Physical ailments stemming from anxiety, depression, and trauma can block your movement towards your heart’s desires. These reactions no longer serve you. Together, we release them.

Resting in this protected space clears the path to reconnect with and explore your true self. You return to being YOU.

Standing firmly in your space, resting confidently, you let go of what no longer serves you. As the spectator of your life, you release what is not true to your deep self in body, mind, and spirit. What does not support your longings and dreams is released with loving appreciation.

Clearly present, we align with your inner being, the person you have always known. Your authentic self is full of capacity to receive Joy, Love, and the creative spirit.

Cancellation Policy

Life Happens. Scheduling changes occur. Thank you for maintaining the 24-hour cancellation procedure for all services. If you are not able to maintain notice within the policy noted, you will be charged for the entire service. Of course, life happens, and extreme circumstances are always understood.

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