Reiki I

Step into your own natural ability to access the healing source that is within you. Open yourself to the opportunity for growth spiritually and emotionally. Your body experiences the benefits physically. You receive the attunements to begin channeling Reiki Energy with support throughout this process of transformation and learning.

Reiki II

The greater potential of Reiki healing energy is acquired with the attunements that allow you to channel the Reiki energies deeper, beyond the physical setting. This degree opens access to distance and virtual healing. Your ability and senses are anchored with the attunements and receipt of the Reiki symbols.

Reiki Master

Become centered in the power of the Master Reiki symbol and attunements. Experience the ultimate connection of yourself to the source energy. This attunement opens all the amazing gifts of Reiki Energy. The mind, body, and spirit are aligned.

Master Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher classes are available. Please connect with me personally for information about this course.

Cancellation Policy

Life Happens. Scheduling changes occur. Thank you for maintaining the 24-hour cancellation procedure for all services. If you are not able to maintain notice within the policy noted, you will be charged for the entire service. Of course, life happens, and extreme circumstances are always understood.

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