About Me

Christine Rusciolelli, M.Ed.

How I Got Here

I know how it feels to collapse.
To have your world fall apart. 

I’ve lived with family addictions, experienced relationship losses and tragically lost my oldest son in a motorcycle accident. 

I know what ‘feeling nothing’ feels like. 

I also know that joy is possible. 

I practiced in my career and personally participated in traditional therapeutic approaches. This modality is invaluable and tells an important part of the story, BUT not the whole picture. I sought out other means to weave the entire story together. This inner exploration led to Somatic Therapy, Reiki, Trauma Tapping, the continued honoring of my connection to nature and experiencing and discovering myself in the world of travel.

Where you are and where I am, there is only a short distance. I have learned to use these tools from these alternative therapies and I will share them with you so that the possibility of living happily ever after can be yours.

I changed.

I evolved.

I discovered joy in ways I had not before.


I promise you can too.


  • M.ED., B.S. Behavioral Science
  • Chemical Dependency Certification
  • Pupil Service Certification
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Trauma Tapping Technique Certification
  • Somatic Therapy Certification


“Looking back on my journey with Christine, I am shocked by how far I’ve come after just a few months working with her. I originally approached her because I felt stuck after many years of trying to deal with some of the tougher things life can throw at us: familial cycles of abuse, suicide, divorce, etc. Though I was nervous to face such difficulties, her gentle spirit and openness was immediately reassuring and I quickly felt myself changing through our work together. I also felt relieved that despite whatever energy I brought that day, she was always prepared with a calming sense of how to move forward. While she possesses the sort of healer’s intuition that cannot be taught, she also has done the work to strengthen and develop her abilities across many disciplines, giving her a broad tool kit that allows her to work with body, mind and spirit.” – Jon.

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