Christine Rusciolelli, M.Ed.

I practiced in my career and personally participated in traditional therapeutic approaches. This modality is invaluable and tells an important part of the story, BUT not the whole picture. I sought out other means to weave the entire story together. This inner exploration led to Somatic Therapy, Reiki, Trauma Tapping, the continued honoring of my connection to nature and experiencing and discovering myself in the world of travel.

Where you are and where I am, there is only a short distance. I have learned to use these tools from these complimentary health therapies and I will share them with you so that the possibility of living happily ever after can be yours.


Reiki, Somatic Therapy, Tapping


Reiki, Somatic Therapy, Tapping

The life events that have been “offered” to me were my invitation to explore beyond the experience itself. To “dig deeper.” 

I became curious and asked what more?

I discovered that going within utilizing the assistance of reiki, somatic therapy and tapping unearthed what was beyond the circumstance.  I was able to discover my inner resources and the essence of my true self. 

                     Beyond the story of the event and the circumstance. 

This brought me to and holds me in this awareness of being alive and in joy.

WE are meant to live in joy. 

I believe my body messages.

     The intuition that comes from this space within is truth. I trust in this.  

I believe that nature restores us. Heals us. 

            She connects us to and honors the rhythm of the natural world, holds you in balance and connects you to your own essence. 

Nature and your body are resources you have with you at ALL TIMES! 

You are always connected to yourself, through your breath. Breath is our life force. 

The earth is always under your feet and above you. 

You have access to them always. 


  • M.ED., B.S. Behavioral Science
  • Chemical Dependency Certification
  • Pupil Service Certification
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Trauma Tapping Technique Certification
  • Somatic Therapy Certification
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