Reiki and Whales

It was a freeing of our creative energies, a release, a thrill, and astonishment, all in a powerful exhale. The trip gathered us for a 3-day 2 night camping and kayaking adventure in the Salish Seas off the San Juan Islands, Washington state. The home to the Southern resident killer whales, ORCA’s, with frequent visits from the transient Orca whales. Setting our internal compass to the degree of “open” we gathered at the Earthbox, a local Inn and Spa, situated in the town of Friday Harbor. This beautiful and luxurious spa prepared us for the days ahead and welcomed us on our return from the sea and forest of the Pacific Northwest. The group met and settled into a ceremony of greetings with REIKI treatments to realign ourselves and relax the weary travel body before moving out to the human-powered adventure, of camping and kayaking.

Bathe into your Inner Beauty

The great Blue Ridge Mountains raised us to an altitude of 4000 feet plus. What is the saying, “Change in altitude, change in attitude”? Something like that… 

The body’s physical reaction to the thin, clear air tasked and challenged us to breathe differently, move differently, and slow down. Once aligned physically we gave way to the emotional, spiritual body allowing us to bathe and soak in the resources offered; reiki, massage, hot springs bath, sound bath meditation, forest bath, ceremonial fire, full moon ritual, mountain trails, meditation huts, and labyrinths. 

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