The InnerVerse

with Christine Rusciolelli, M.Ed.



“I had an amazing somatic therapy session with Christine. This session helped me to feel beyond balanced. My body itself seemed to be more open. Shoulder and back open. I learned so much about my body and what it was expressing – it was so helpful and healing.” – Michelle M.

“Christine immediately gave me comfort with her calming presence and soothing voice. My body quickly relaxed to her healing touch and with her intuitive questions, she zeroed in to the heart of my physical and emotional issues.” – Marrie H.

“Any apprehension I may have had prior to my first appointment was quickly set aside by Christine’s manner. She is compassionate, patient, and without judgement. She gently guides me through my treatment, and many of my issues have been much improved due to the work.” – Betsy M.

“With Christine’s help, I was able to experience my body from a different perspective. I felt that I was my body, rather than just observing and/or manipulating it. At one point, I could listen to my body-self. After the session, I felt very refreshed and calm.” – Jerry C.

“Christine is a life-saver! After years of CBT, I realized after meeting Christine that bodywork/somatic therapy was the missing element in my healing journey. There is no healing without healing the trauma in the body and learning to listen to the body. Christine holds a safe and gentle space to unlock what the body needs to heal and is a wise, experienced voice as well. I made leaps and bounds of connections and integration with Christine and she has been an invaluable resource and dear friend. Her long-distance/virtual sessions are equally effective and I have gifted them to friends far and wide. If you’ve felt stagnant or that something was missing with other therapy, somatic healing with Christine may just unlock what you need to get well!” – Penelope


  • Life Transitions
  • Anxiety, Depression, Trauma
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Physical Health Ailments
  • Spiritual Transformations

Reiki Certification – Guidance

  • Level 1, Level 2, and Master Class opportunities are available by special arrangement.

Souljourns – Transformational Travel

  • Customized wellness itineraries experienced on location domestically and internationally.
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