About Me

The life events that have been “offered” to me were my invitation to explore beyond the experience itself. To “dig deeper.” 

I became curious, and asked what more?

I discovered that going within utilizing the assistance of reiki, somatic therapy, and tapping unearthed what was beyond the circumstances.  I was able to discover my inner resources and the essence of my true self. 

                     Beyond the story of the event and the circumstances. This brought me to and holds me in this awareness of being alive and in joy.

WE are meant to live in joy. 

I believe my body messages.  The intuition that comes from this space within is truth. I trust in this. 


Reiki, Somatic Therapy, Tapping


Reiki Level I, II, and Master

Unite for HER

Unite for Her is a 501(c)3 national non-profit organization that supports breast and ovarian cancer patients by providing integrative therapies, services, education resources, and support at no personal cost.

I am grateful to be a provider for Unite for Her’s wellness passport program, which provides the supportive integrative therapy of Reiki.

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