August 2022

In the smokey spirit of the fog; the mountain magic appeared…
Our worries, anxiety, and fears all disappeared, lifted away with the mist. 

We walked deep into the woods and into the sanctuary of our true selves.

The great Blue Ridge Mountains raised us to an altitude of 4000 feet plus. What is the saying, “Change in altitude, change in attitude”? Something like that… 

The body’s physical reaction to the thin, clear air tasked and challenged us to breathe differently, move differently, and slow down. Once aligned physically we gave way to the emotional, spiritual body allowing us to bathe and soak in the resources offered; reiki, massage, hot springs bath, sound bath meditation, forest bath, ceremonial fire, full moon ritual, mountain trails, meditation huts, and labyrinths. 

Explorations in past-life histories and astrology readings were experienced with open minds and hearts. Revealing forgotten joy and the possibilities of what can be. Star gazing opened us to the great universe above; making wishes upon shooting stars. 

The food! It nourished us and filled our bellies but, it also filled our souls. Perfectly prepared with the intention to match the process of activities and the adventure of the day. The food was lifting, filling, and grounded us with Ayurvedic foods and drinks. The meals concluded with delightful desserts to nourish us and leave a sweet taste in our mouths. A taste of how sweet growth is. The food was as pure and natural as the mountain air.

The journey over four days allowed us to dance, sing, and beat to the drum of our true spirit. 

We began by setting intentions for ourselves and honoring and holding them for each other. Sending them to the winds to be carried and held. Trusting and receiving reiki set the body in motion to relax and receive. Calling on our breath as a pathway to activate the wisdom within, we aligned to the inner knowing, the intuition of our hearts. Using this breath, our life force, we honored the resource that is ours alone and is accessible at all times. 

You don’t have to be on the mountain top to activate this force, but the mountain showed us the space available around us; we discovered the space within us. 

Soaking, immersing, bathing in all that was offered and that surrounded us; we were mesmerized. We remained curious, opening our hearts and eyes to the surprises, and were lifted to joyful ease. We quietly anticipated what was to appear with hopefulness and excitement.

Just like watching the magician who lifts his cloak to reveal the splendor and surprise of what is unexpected and hidden from our eyes; we lifted our hearts and spirits and found the magic within us! 

The mountain shared its magic in a beautiful show of ever-changing and new vistas to our amazement.

Sitting on the mountaintop watching the kaleidoscopic scene of the hills. We were captivated as the landscape changed before us. The mountain picture came alive and moved as it was affected by the elements of nature.

We sat with the mountain hills. We sank into ourselves. Gazing at the panorama of our inner scenery.

We had elevated ourselves to the highest peak of peace, calm,  and ease. Promoting a clear unobstructed view, we peered inward and acknowledged the shifting and changing of ourselves affected by the elements of life. The vista was as expansive as the mountains in front of us.

Communing with the mountain hills, connecting to ourselves and the amazing healing and restorative world of nature around us.

We saw a beautiful, captivating, and awe-producing wonder, our true self.

Happy Souljourning!

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